Sunday, September 16, 2007



see ya

Friday, July 13, 2007

Great. My life officially sucks.

What sociable life do I live sia.

Thanks. Im hiatus-ing for sure.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oh heys! :)

Yes2. Im back at this cybercafe at Cityhall. Oh wells. Its not that expensive really. I usually spend $4 here so yeah. Haha.

I had my checkup this noon at Alexandra Hospital. Oh yes, my doctor was OUHLALA. Haha. But wth, he was checking my heels and he drew lines with a PEN. And now the line's still there. Sheesh. But he's good. He told me I'd be able to get back my arches if I just did some massage on my calves and some stretching. Oh wells. Its looking good so far. OH! For your info, he told me that Im flat footed on BOTH legs. Yeyness, Im absolutely normal. =)

But oh! He told me I cant be wearing my slippers or whatsoever lah. I've got to wear comfy shoes. Sigh. I was cringing when he told me that. :(

So it was payday 5 days back and Im left with less than $100 so if you want to ask me out, ask quick before I run out of money and then, its too bad. No money no honey sia. Haha.

Im still in search of earcandling services. Sighness. Two days and still none of that. The cheapest we got was at ToaPayoh - $20 for both sides but its by appointment lahs. But I think that's good. Hmms. I've yet to go for threading for my misai! Haha.

*Its the male hormones in me lah eh zul =P*

Oh, I went to see Elly the other day, and her baby is just super duper cute lah. I fell in love with Elyaz Raphael. Shucks. Haha

Oh wells. Text me ayte people. Hopefully internet's reconnected by this week. =)